Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chicken Pox – Large Family Style Part 1

       All nine of our children(18y-18m) just spent three weeks gaining immunity to the Chicken Pox. I found it hard to find practical information online, like what to expect without a fear factor, that I decided to journal and blog about our experience.

     After 18 yrs of not avoiding the CP, or vaccinating my children against it, three of my children contacted it after playing with friends.

     Knowing the affects can be more severe in older children, and my husband, nor his mother, could remember if he had CP when he was a child, I called our family doctor and asked about options for treatment. She said they’d fair well, but did call in three prescriptions for the anti-viral drug Valtrex(Valaciclovir) so it was there if I needed it.

     Daniel(14) was the first to get pox, and he got them gooood. ;) He was covered. Then his sister Emma(12) got a healthy case of them, too. Jacob(16) was offered Valtrex, but refused it and decided to suffer through it like a man and he probably suffered the most and longest, poor kid. Then came Jessica. I am very conservative when it comes to medicating my children, but I was pushing that Valtrex on her after to prevent any scarring, after all, she is 18 ;). She caved, and after 24 hours of symptoms, as prescribed, she started taking the drug and the symptoms were greatly reduced.

                         Incubation      *Duration

Jessica(18)       14 days           6 days

Jacob(16)         13 days           9 days

Daniel(14)         14 days           7 days

Emma(12)         13 days           8 days

Micah (9)          19 days           3 days

Grace(7)          18 days           3 days

Elijah(5)           18 days           ?

Lydia(3)            18 days          ?

Mary-Joy(18m)  18 days           ?

*until scabbed over and physically better

More to come…


Monday, February 16, 2015

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mary Joy–4 months



I reeeeally need to update my blog. Here’s a picture of  the poor baby that never gets blogged about.  She is growing up too quickly.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hunting. Opening Day 2013


Opening day success


Jacob took out his first two Canadian Geese. One Greater Canadian, one Lesser Canadian.


Daniel also took out his first two Lesser Geese!


Daddy, well, daddy got skunked.


…but he got over it.


The boys were quite humble and didn’t rub it in too much Winking smile


This picture is going on my wall.


Thank you Josh M. for so very, very much for making this one of my boys most memorable days EV-ER!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Days


If there’s one thing country homes lack that city homes have, it’s cement/sidewalks for tricycle riding. That is pretty much the only thing I think we lack, imo, and there are plenty of other wonderful things to fill that hole. BUT…we’ve always hoped to have a cement pad poured at some point.


Then there’s a foundation for Nana’s cabin.


Daddy holding his kiddos attention


“The truck is coming! The truck is coming!”


Poor driver had to maneuver our goofy back driveway.


Elijah captivated, to the point of drooling, by the big cement truck Winking smile


Starting the pour!


Micah was so thrilled to be helping Big Boys this time, no longer sitting on the sidelines! That smile was pure joy of being allowed in the work zone and running an errand for Daddy.


Jacob was s’posed to work that day so Mr Vdh came to help. VERY thankful he came, too. It was hot and things set much faster than hoped.




Screet, fill, screet, fill, float, trowel, screet, float. Jacob got off unexpectedly early, we needed him! What a blessing to have strappin young men.


Ahhhh, my new patio! The hole near the house is our crawlspace access and the two squares in the middle are our septic tank access points. We are going to tile all three so they are flat.

Done, now onto the cabin.






Trowel master Micah! He worked so hard in that hot sun. He is like a pitbull when it comes to work, he grabs onto a job and does not look up until it is finished…and well!



After lunch, Jacob took out two large blighted peach trees and plowed the garden they were in for grass seed. He has quite a knack for that tractor.


Dan grabbed the sawsall and trimmed fir tree 15ft up.



No matter how much teaching, threatening, bribing…one unnamed little still snuck out and ran over the new concrete leaving his footprint forever.  <sigh>


A hard day’s work should end with a hard day’s play. And it did, down at the irrigation pond.


Swimming with the bluegill


“Look mom! Jessie taught me to swim!!” Hmmm… that doesn’t look like swimming to me.


Daddy. His own little island.









Nice dirt mustache Miker T Biker


Lydia and baby belly.


To end the day, the tractors came to rake and collect silage. One little boy sat and watched the whole operation.


One little girl was a tad scared of the big machines and loud noises.




What did I do? Plenty really, I worked right along side the guys as much as I could, but come late afternoon, I polished my nails and sat by the kiddy pool with my raspberry tea.

I’m not a big blogger anymore, but you can see the kids are growing up nicely. Jacob is working his first summer job, a new baby due in 3.5 weeks and life is good. Not because it is problem free, but because the grace of God is, and as these children grow older we find ourselves more and more asking for and receiving strength and wisdom from being at His feet as His mercies are new every morning. Great is HIS faithfulness as called us to this adventure in parenting these wonderful creatures He has given us.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ode to my hardwork’n man


This is week five or six of Paul’s *out of town* days preparing berry processing lines for the approaching season. He’s da man who has a knack of getting them to fit and run well. This last week was his longest week. These old ratty boots tucked under the kitchen table did NOT go unnoticed this morning. Surprisingly, they were the talk of the house and put smiles on many faces.
80 hours clocked this week, very little sleep due to snoring roomies and he just crawled in bed at 6am after leaving Salem, Ore at 9pm last night. As he held to his promise, I assume there are three hours of catnaps in there. I all but begged him to get a hotel last night, but he just wanted his own bed and I can't blame him. We turned on the white noise machine, blanketed the window and kissed him morni...I mean night.
FYI, I took some of his overtime and ordered him a new pair of boots!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Junie has twins (graphic?;)


aprilgoats13 013

Here is my sweet Junie. She is five years old this Spring and this is her fourth kidding with us. We make sure any child that has not witnessed birth was out in that barn watching. This answers many unknowns for the little kids and stops imaginations from forming wrong ideas. Once Junie was done with kid #1, Gracie looked up at me and said “Wow, mamma. I thought a door just opened in her stomach and baby fell out onto the ground.”  Then we talking about the events that followed. The placenta, the cord, meconium, nursing. A single kidding is so rich in education and glorifying God  as we watch the process. 

aprilgoats13 019

Laboring. She got down to business, boy.

aprilgoats13 021

And it couldn’t have gone more text book perfect. Of all my goats, Junie is who I worry about the most. Junie would go to the vet at any expense, can’t say that about the others. She is our family milk supply and our family pet. ..o.k., my pet.

aprilgoats13 022

Junie gave a couple real pushes and look at that perfect little head with the little eyes and little mouth. So sweet. Two little front hooves followed under her chin…perfect. I still helped her out as she couldn’t quite get the shoulders out fast enough for me. ;)

aprilgoats13 025

Out popped this cute little doeling! All legs. All white. As usual.

aprilgoats13 029

She got the best cleaning job a mother can give and within minutes was on her strong feet and nursing.

aprilgoats13 031

A few minutes after that, she delivered the same way, this little buckling. Half Saanan, half Nubian.

aprilgoats13 034

“Life is good”, says Junie.


I expected to photo Nice’s kidding, which happened today. However, after taking wonderful pictures leading up to the birth, a little bum with a tail presented….wagging. Seriously, a goat with two tails. That is NOT what I wanted to see. Long story short, I was able to get one back leg out, but we ended up slooooowly delivering a breech doeling. “The next one will be photograph worthy", I thought. Nope. When the buckling presented, there were two back knees folded up. She delivered(assisted) that one buckled little knees and backwards, too. Both kids are doing great, though. Gorgeous and strong. 2013 kidding is over! Thanking the Lord for a productive season, a tripled herd size and no vet bills!